Private Behavior Consults
  • Are you in a public class but having a particular problem at home?
  • Does your dog shy away from new people?
  • Does he lunge at the end of the leash when he sees another dog?
  • Does he still have housetraining accidents?


Many behavior problems like those listed above and many others lend themselves to individualized training programs designed to focus specifically on you and your dog. We are happy to provide one-on-one training services for dogs of any age in your home, in the training studio or in the environment where you are experiencing the problem. In your first meeting with the trainer, you will review a previously completed behavior questionnaire, and discuss the problem and your goals in more detail. The trainer will assess the dog, the dog’s environment and your interaction with the dog and then begin to devise a training plan. It may or may not be necessary to witness the problem behavior itself. The initial consult may last up to two hours. The trainer will demonstrate any initial exercises that may be left as “homework” and make sure that you are comfortable with them prior to the end of the first meeting.

It is important to note that many behavior problems are not “fixed” at the end of one meeting. Changing a dog’s behavior (and perhaps yours!) requires time, work and patience. Each situation will be assessed and an individualized plan developed to address your needs and goals.

Please note that given the time and attention devoted to each private consult client, there may be a two to three week wait until we are able to schedule an appointment.

  • Cost: Initial Consult: $175, following one hour appointments: $100 per hour.

Private Training Packages:

In-Home Puppy Class

Please note that the Puppy Learning Center highly recommends a well-run group puppy class for puppies under 16 weeks of age due to the opportunity for controlled socialization with unfamiliar people, places and dogs. However, we understand that circumstances at times will not permit you to attend one of our group classes therefore we do offer a four session puppy class in your own home. We will cover the basic curriculum we cover in our classes and of course focus on any area of special importance to you.  Depending on the age of your pup, you may also attend one or more of our Headstart sessions at any time ($10 per visit at Headstart)

  • Cost: $425

In-Home Puppy* Consult:

We are happy to visit you and your pup in your home for individual lessons if you have a particular issue you would like to focus on.  You do not have to be enrolled in one of our classes.

      Cost: $125 per visit

*Puppy must be between 8 weeks and 5 months of age

Have children that want to be involved in the training?  Please see our page entitled "Additional Services" for programs focused on families with children!

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Private Consultations

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