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Please see Private Consultations 

  • Using a gentle mouth – dealing with teething puppies
  • Tolerate all sorts of handling, from vets, groomers, children
  • Enjoy crate and confinement time – useful for housetraining and alone time training
  • Chewing on appropriate items – not the furniture!
  • Polite and friendly greetings – "sit" - no jumping!
  • Teaching your pup not to guard objects or food
  • Enjoy your walks with your dog – leash walking skills
  • How to recognize safe and fun puppy play
  • Teach your pup impulse control and how to settle
  • Build confidence with introductions to new people, sights and sounds
  • Introduce some obedience cues that will be strengthened in Puppy I
  • Most importantly, learn how to support your pup through this pivotal stage in this life!


  • Pup must be between 9 and 12 weeks of age at onset
  • Proof of at least one set of puppy vaccinations - DHLPP or DHPP at least 5 days prior to first session
  •  Proof of at least one visit with a local veterinarian    



  • Please click on “Enroll Today” to see the most current list of class offerings and days/times they are offered, sign up and start your puppy on the road to being a safe and enjoyable pet!
  • Each class is approximately 50 minutes long


  • $125 for 4 consecutive sessions


  • Pups must be between the ages of 12 and 20 weeks at start date of class or with permission from the instructor
  • Although highly recommended, your puppy does not have to have attended Puppy Headstart in order to sign up for Puppy I
  • Classes may be divided by age group
  • Proof of at least two rounds of DHLPP or DHPP vaccinations AND at least one vet visit with a local veterinarian
  • Pup must have been in your home for at least 2 weeks prior to entering class


  • Please click on “Enroll Today” to see the current list of classes, their dates/times and to sign up!
  • The first class is orientation and is without the puppies
  • Each class meets for approximately 50 minutes and meets for 6 consecutive sessions unless a break is mentioned.


  • $195 payable on the first day of class​


Wag It Games (www.wagitgames.com) These fun classes incorporate not only the obedience cues that you and your pup have learned, but also use a variety of agility type equipment, scent games and fancy footwork! 

Requirements: Your pup must be a graduate of Puppy II 


We continue to place emphasis on socialization, calming, handling and prevention of behavior problems, but now we spend more time teaching household manners .  We begin to emphasize phasing out food rewards and replacing them with real life rewards.  Some of the things we will cover:

Start Right From the Beginning


Are you worried about your pup's nipping and biting?  Is house training improving, staying the same or getting worse?  Do you have puppy raising questions that you would like answered by a professional?  Then come to our 4 session Puppy Headstart class!  Join at any time, no need to wait for the start of the next  4 week session.   Up until about 12/13 weeks of age, your pup is a little sponge - soaking up all life has to offer and learning something every minute of every day.  These life lessons will form the basis of her personality and long term habits so every moment counts!  As long as your pup is between the ages of 9 weeks and 12 weeks upon entering, you are welcome to come to this set of 4 valuable socialization and learning opportunities .  Some of the things we cover in a fun and relaxed manner:


We offer a variety of different classes focused on using some or all of what you have learned in puppy classes in different, fun activities, such as using puppy-sized agility equipment, games, etc. Our classes change often so please click on “Enroll Today” to see the most current offerings! 


Puppy Program

  • sit and down
  • stay
  • come when called
  • drop it
  • leave it
  • walking on a loose leash
  • Polite greetings (no jumping!)
  • wait

And emphasis continues to be placed on: 

  • helping your pup feel safe around people
  • willingly give things up to people
  • exercise impulse control when needed
  • learn to use his mouth gently
  • Puppy play is closely supervised in order to ensure that all puppies have an enjoyable time!  


Puppy Rompers


For graduates of our Puppy I class or with permission from the instructor. Your pup now has the basics…now on to beginning to incorporate what your pup has learned in more difficult, real life situations as he enters the next stage…adolescence! This is a six week course and will continue to build listening skills and cooperation in your “teenage” pup.  Teach your pup to respond quickly, willingly and happily!


  • Graduates of PLC Puppy I or our In-Home Puppy Program or with permission from instructor.


  • Click on “Enroll Today” to see the current list of classes, their dates and times and to sign up!
  • Each class meets for approximately 50 minutes to an hour for 6 consecutive sessions unless a break is mentioned.


  • $195, payable on the first day of class.


Did you know that in large part your adult dog’s temperament and behavior are shaped during the first 16 weeks of your pup’s life! Therefore, a properly run puppy class may be the most important class you will ever attend with your dog.  For more information regarding the safety of a well run puppy class prior to your puppy having completed all puppy vaccinations, please click here.  Paying attention to proper socialization and training and focusing on developing ways to clearly and humanely communicate with your dog during its lifetime will help your pup develop into a trustworthy adult pet dog. To this end, the Puppy Learning Center places particular importance on the developing puppy and has developed a series of classes to help guide you and your pup through this very important development stage and the months and years beyond.

Note: We love children and we want to make sure we help your pup feel safe around them! Children over the age of 5 are welcome to attend class with their families. For their safety and for the safety of our pups, we do ask that children be well supervised and able to take direction. Children may be asked to remain in their seats while the puppies are playing.

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Clicks and Tricks:

If you’re having fun, so will your pup! Keep building your dog’s listening skills and take a break from teaching only obedience! You’ll be amazed how much your dog will enjoy working with you as you learn to spin, touch a target, roll over, and many other acts! 

Puppy Romper Room:

Come help your puppy climb, jump and run through safe, puppy sized tunnels, hoops, ladders and ramps!


Must be enrolled or have completed Puppy I​

Fun with Nosework for Puppies: ​
This is a great class for all pups, especially pups that may be shy in new situations, or who simply need an outlet for all that energy! Watch your pup do what comes naturally…find things with his nose!