After completing Puppy Foundations, or if you have a pup who is older than 16 weeks of age, although we continue to place emphasis on socialization, calming, handling and prevention of behavior problems,  we now spend more time teaching household manners .  We begin to emphasize phasing out food rewards and replacing them with real life rewards.  The sessions are held in your home or on field trips to work on manners outside of the home, too!  Some of the things we will cover:


Are you worried about your pup's nipping and biting?  Is house training improving, staying the same or getting worse?  Do you have puppy raising questions that you would like answered by a professional?  Then sign up for   our private, in your home 4 session Puppy Foundations program.   The sooner the better!  Up until about 12/13 weeks of age, your pup is a little sponge - soaking up all life has to offer and learning something every minute of every day.  These life lessons, along with who your pup is genetically,  will form the basis of her personality and long term habits -  so every moment counts!   Some of the things we cover in a fun and relaxed manner:

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  • sit and down
  • stay
  • come when called
  • drop it
  • leave it
  • walking on a loose leash
  • Polite greetings (no jumping!)
  • wait

And emphasis continues to be placed on: 

  • helping your pup feel safe around people
  • willingly give things up to people
  • exercise impulse control when needed
  • learn to use his mouth gently

Start Right From the Beginning

Puppy Rompers

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Puppy Foundations Program and Beyond


Did you know that in large part your adult dog’s temperament and behavior are shaped during the first 16 weeks of your pup’s life! Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to preventing future problems...proper socialization,  training and focusing on developing ways to clearly and humanely communicate with your dog during its lifetime are the primary focus during the first few weeks with you. The relationship that you will enjoy with your dog starts here.


  • Pups must be 16 weeks or older or with permission from the instructor - please ask if you are unsure about your pup's readiness for Good Manners 1
  • Although highly recommended, your puppy does not have to have completed Puppy Foundations 


  • Please email for available start dates
  • Appointments are available on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesdays or Fridays.
  • Each session meets for approximately 50 minutes and meets for 5 consecutive sessions, usually once a week
  • You have 8 weeks to complete the 5 sessions 


  • $400 payable at the first session
  • Using a gentle mouth – dealing with teething puppies
  • Tolerate all sorts of handling, from vets, groomers, children
  • Enjoy crate and confinement time – useful for housetraining and alone time training
  • Chewing on appropriate items – not the furniture!
  • Preventing your pup from feeling the need to guard  objects or food
  • Leash handling appropriate for this age
  • How to recognize safe and fun play (with dogs and/or children)
  • How to handle the 5 o'clock "zoomies"
  • Build confidence with introductions to new people, sights and sounds
  • Introduce some obedience cues that will be strengthened in our Good Manners program
  • Most importantly, learn how to support your pup through this pivotal stage in this life!
  • Since this is private instruction, we are able to add anything to the program that you may need or that your particular pup may need


  • Ideally pup will be between 9 weeks and 12 weeks in order to get the most out of this program - we do accept older pups too, if needed
  • Proof of at least one set of puppy vaccinations - DHLPP or DHPP at least 5 days prior to first session
  •  Proof of at least one visit with a local veterinarian    



  • Please email to request an appointment
  • Each session lasts approximately one hour (the first session may last a bit longer)
  • The dates for all four sessions will be set up during our first session.  You have 6 weeks to complete the program.


  • $350 for 4 consecutive sessions